July 26, 2007

"Lost & Found"

Corpse Painting
© Photographer: Anatomyofrockthe | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Lost ~ One dead baby at the courthouse with "Certificate of Live Birth" sealed around it's neck ~ tightly riveted to a desk of "this is best." The Mother in a grave unmarked in rural America.

Found ~ One imitation life living "the lie" created the day the dead Mother "signed."
A shell of existence ~ underground hiding ~ scared to come out ~ revealing:

The ties that bind, the life undone, collar of adoption around my neck ~ holding me in this lifeless shell ~ can I get free again?
Pain seeping out pores, muscles tight, veins of blight.
Hurts all over ~ head pounding ~ blood boiling ~ froze.

It isn't fair to allow death to give life
And leave unannounced
to the terrorist plot.
Gone in a moment ~
Wake up to the day
of new life and name ~
adoption's cruel game.

Sealed in a tomb
Fate by the pen
Ink brought the shame ~
Then "put away" ~ Recording the day that didn't exist
People who no longer exist ~ yet, the pain lived
In the ties that bind.

Set me free with
the ties that bind
Turn my black dead veins
into real live blood.

The "corpes" baby searches
for a lost family name
No tears it cries ~ it's dead inside
Moving on energy not its own
The big "A" is on the throne.

Eyes glazed over ~ the talking dead ~ spewing lies that fuel it's head.
No life inside, just the shell
Living the life of adoption hell.
All in the name of rescued bastard
Baby shame ~ No name.

"Adoption" in the original Biblical language was NOT the same type of adoption that is practiced in today's society. The original Greek word could have actually been translated more accurately as "Reinstated" or "Reunited".

He is my true Father. I John says that we are BORN of God ('sperma') ~ that is a completely different picture than most of the Church body teaches today. If we are BORN of God, we do not NEED to be adopted by Him ~ we are "reinstated" or "reunited" with Him, our Creator, Our Savior, Our Perfect Father.

Father, reunite me with You, with myself ~ the baby lost in adoption death ~ please reunite me with the life I lost in the womb of my dead mother, once alive.

Please raise me up like Lazarus ~ who stunk with rot ~ 3 days dead.
Three decades dead ~ please rescue this dead baby and give me real life ~ not the lie.

Legitimize me without lies, separation and pain.
Do it freely without pay, give me a family name
that isn't fake and wrought in greed.
Make me real I plead.

Only You, Lord, can make the dead live again.
I cry for this, my only hope. Please be my life.
It isn't right for my children to be caught in this web.

Jeremiah 30 and 31:
Please break the yoke off my neck and tear off my bonds.
Help me serve you, and banish fear and dismay.
Save me from a distant land, and my descendants from exile.
Let us have peace and security; freedom from fear.

Restore and heal my wounds, Jesus
Rebuild and help me stand in my proper place
Turn my mourning into gladness, give me comfort and joy instead of sorrow.

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