July 19, 2009

Adoption or Child Trafficking?

Expensive Pregnancy 1
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Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Nothing can adequately articulate the sincere disgust and angst of this ADOPTEE as I recently sat through a five hour meeting of adoption "professionals" debating & informing legislators regarding what expenses and advertising should be "allowable" in adoption. Hearing stories of contested adoption expenses being brought before our state's Supreme Court (even now) of $120,000 plus, with attorneys using the argument of agreed upon "contracts" for why Judges should not be able to question the ethics or need behind these exorborant prices. Watching the "task force" members (most of which happen to make their living working for adoption agencies or attorneys) sweat bullets and pass dire looks to one another when these issues are addressed; arguing their points of how we need to make sure our state remains "adoption friendly" so birth mothers will find it easy to choose this "heroic" path; so adoptive couples won't "go out of state" if we make it TOO hard to adopt here.

Isn't this debate clear enough? Can we just say it plainly ~ Babies are hard to come by, waiting lists of potential adoptive couples are miles long; we don't want competition; and we need to be able to do whatever it takes to fulfill the desires of desperate parents who will pay just about ANYTHING to get the elusive infant they have longed for. Even if that means lobbying for putting NO CAPS on "allowable expenses" ~ BUYING BABIES. All in the name of adoption.

Even more discouraging was having to sit through this entire meeting as a virtually silent spectator. My "place" was tucked away along the wall, with other concerned adoptees, on the fringes, able only to observe the decision-makers sit at the table, the inner-circle, in their big comfy chairs, with plenty of room to spread out, eat, and organize their space freely. It was pointed out during the meeting that an actual adoptee would be soon appointed to the "task force" (only because adoptees have refused to remain silent during this process), but that the chosen adoptee will not be "overly emotional," but have "balanced" views.

{This simply means the chosen adoptee will not be one voicing their civil right to obtain their original birth certificate like every other American citizen ~ even though six U.S. states have already passed laws restoring this important right to their state's adopted citizens. Inevitably, more states will do so every year ~ simply because it is the right thing to do ~ though vehemently opposed by the very "professionals" who distract and fight the legislature and judges over "allowable expenses" for their baby-selling businesses. So unfortunate and sad for the very babies who will only grow up to be the same adult adoptees who sit on the fringes, as pawns (means "to put up") in the business of human-selling, without the same identity rights as others.}

When ANY MONEY exchanges hands in adoption it should be considered trafficking. Especially since the child's original name, genealogical and medical histories are SEALED from them indefinitely, and AMENDED (falsified) Certificates of Live Birth are issued, stating that people gave birth to them that didn't. Look at Australia. Adoption is done completely without financial exchange. It is not seen as in America ~ a way to build a family, but as it should be ~ ONLY in the best interest of a child who needs a home, not a home that needs a child.


Triona Guidry said...

"Overly emotional"??!!

I don't know how you managed to stay at the back of the bus... er, the fringes of the conversation, and listen to that. I bet people said women were "overly emotional" for wanting the vote, too.

Eve said...

Ugh. This is why I don't got to adoption related things at all any more. Just... UGH.