March 8, 2012

The Dance

Color mixing on pallet
© Photographer: Hayati Kayhan | Agency:

Hosea 14:3-6

"Return to your God, for the fatherless receives compassion. I will heal your wanderings and I will freely love. I will be like the dew; you will blossom like the lily and take root in Me. Your new branches will spread."

I saw this vision during praise & worship at a recent women's conference (as written in my journal that evening):

"I was a flat wall with one-dimensional tiny flowered wall-paper ~ no color or depth....when big Hands appeared, and with somber tenacity and purpose, they began scraping down the wall, tearing off shreds of wallpaper with each determined pass. The wallpaper seemed reluctant and stubborn...hard to remove. Yet, they continued their pace, moving up and down the wall, scraping and tearing ~ until finally, the wall was almost bare ~ dark, ugly, splotchy remnants were all that remained. Worn out.

Then, with enthusiasm and great delight, these same strong Hands picked up a huge brush and started painting broad strokes of beautiful color all across my wall. Like a passionate artist, jumping up and down, and laughing with great joy, His Hands flung more and more color with wild abandonment over the entire surface.

All of a sudden, out walked a three-dimensional figure, in the shape of a person, from the surface of my wall, and with great energy & light, was drawn into the Hands. He lifted me into His arms and we danced ~ twirling 'round and 'round, with eyes gazing intently, in passionate love, we were enraptured with one another. Then, in perfect step, we began to move as one."

Lord, please lead me into a dance of obedience. Be this real to me. I need a voice to wake me up and arms to hold. You.

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