August 1, 2007

"Ciggies" & Adoption

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You know how there were countless lawsuits against the tobacco industry and it resulted in them being BANNED from advertising?

Isn't "advertising" or "marketing" in adoption just as ludicrious? As an adult adoptee it disgusts me to think that there are marketing schemes ALL OVER that are geared to make MORE babies available for adoption, instead of less. Why allow an "industry" which sole stated purpose is "best interest of children" market and advertise for MORE babies to be separated from their mothers in order to fill a demand in their system?

Babies are not something to be advertised or marketed for!!! When will people realize that it is a slap in the face to every adoptee that exists? It makes us an OBVIOUS commodity. Not a human being that is respected. Sealed records can actually be correlated with "slavery" ~ human beings whose identity is changed and sealed from them for the intended use of another.

If it worked against the tobacco industry, why can't it work against the "human" industry?

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Erin said...



I hate HATE advertising for adoption agencies.

It frustrates me even more than society thinks adoption is all happy and joy.