June 28, 2009

Splish Splash

Boy at Pool
                         © Photographer: Ricklordphotography | Agency: Dreamstime.com
There are SO many things swimming around in my head this summer that I would love to write about here, but I have been busier than usual with running back and forth between my Mom and son's needs, appointments, therapy, hospitalizations, and milestones. I'm so thankful I'm still standing. Sometimes (when I stop long enough to think about things I still need to do) it totally overwhelmes me. One thing I can be thankful for is actually finding out that little statement "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" is TRUE! When I look back over the last several years, even though I sometimes get extremely discouraged, I can see HOW MUCH STRONGER I've become. This is the first summer (since my son's premature birth) that I have actually FELT strong enough to enjoy. Thank you, Jesus!

One amazing thing that happened this week is getting to go swimming (for the first time in my life) with my family of birth. It sounds so simple, but PROFOUND to think I actually got to enjoy a whole afternoon of swimming and PLAYING with my brothers, neice and nephew, father, and son ~ in the same pool! It was fun, and I so pray it is only the beginning of more fun times to come this summer. It was wonderful to witness my father throwing my son up in the air and catching him in the water, to see their smiles and giggles and connection. The connection that was lost for so many years and yet restored. Overwhelming.

I wish I could dunk my brothers! Just think, the first time we siblings swim and we are all adults with children ourselves. And the most wonderful part of it all is my son got to play with his cousins (his age)! I so want him to grow up KNOWING his family. By both (my) adoption and birth. Just seeing how SIMILAR we all are in personality, looks, bodies, faces, voices, likes, dislikes, quirks ~ it is amazing and wonderful to FINALLY have that continuity of life to replace the void.

It took 19 years to get here (since first reuniting in 1990), but HEY, we got here!

POOL PARTY! Yay! It's about time.


a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm so happy for you. Despite the unlikelihood, I still pray that my daughter will also experience reunion.

Eve said...

Oh, Peach, this sounds great! I love that you get to experience that familiar feeling with family.

Samantha Franklin said...

Thank you!