October 9, 2013

Is God My Adoptive Father?

Baby and father
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Many Christians assert that we are "adopted" by God as His children.

Romans 8:14-16
"For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. For you have not received the spirit of slavery again to fear; but you have received the Spirit of "sonship" (some translations say "adoption") , whereby we cry, Abba (Daddy), Father. The Spirit of God Himself bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God."

I once heard a Pastor by the name of Dick Bernal (from San Francisco) preach a sermon about this very subject. He wisely pointed out that the original Greek language that was translated "adopted" in these scriptures could more accurately be translated as "reunited". It describes the beautiful picture of a "reunion" between God and His Creation ("sperma", "offspring"), or children.

I John says that we are BORN of God ('sperma') ~ that is a completely different picture than most of the Church body teaches today. If we are BORN of God, we do not NEED to be adopted by Him ~ we are "reunited" with Him in salvation, our Creator, Our Savior, Our Perfect Father.  The One who will never leave.

As an adult adoptee, I take GREAT comfort in the fact that I don't need to be adopted by God in the same sense I was "adopted" in the natural.  I was never relinquished in the economy of Heaven.  Only on earth. 

See this post I wrote about how God helped me open my heart to the tremendous grief I had buried regarding adoption, so He could begin healing me ~ "Losing Mother".

The Prodigal Son in scripture was not the 'adopted' son of his father, he was the biological ("sperma"), full-blooded son of his Father, who waited with open arms for him to find his way back home. As an adoptee, I deal with TRUST issues galore, but am so thankful that I found the way home to my Father.

So, no, God is not my adoptive Father.  He cries with me in my grief.  It certainly wasn't His perfect plan.  But thank God, just like Joseph (who was sold) concluded, when he was reunited with his family, I can allow God to heal me, so that "what the enemy meant for evil, God turns for good."

In fact, the Bible says that He "ransomed" us, which means God "bought us back". Ransom is only necessary when a person has been kidnapped. To be "bought back" implies that we were originally God's creation, His children, His offspring, and that He had to pay a dear price (His Life), a "ransom" to get us back to Him, our Home, our identity, our intended place.  Complete Love.

I resonate with this beautiful analogy so much, because I can just "BE" who I was created to be.  Fully accepted by Him, my real Daddy. 

No secrets. No "amending" my identity to be accepted.   

I don't have to hide my real identity.  I am fully born, loved, and reunited in relationship with Him, who I originated from. That is Heaven to this adoptee.

Also wanted to share an amazing new blog written by a Pastor/Adoptee friend, Deanna Shrodes ~ Adoptee Restoration.


Anonymous said...

Powerful but unknown by far too many.

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*Peach* said...

Yes, we were ransomed and that means "bought back" from the enemy, hence "reunited" with our Father (Creator) as His children "sperma", rather than "adopted". Praise God!
It is hard to argue with the original Biblical language and one's own experience.

*Peach* said...


So if we are children of wrath (Satan's children), did God create us as Satan's children, or His creation? We were "born of God" (sperma, in the Biblical Hebrew/Greek). We are His offspring, it says. So, in a sense, we ran from God, and were trapped by Satan, hence becoming his.

But the original Biblical language says God redeemed us (bought us back, on the cross), and we receive again the "spirit of sonship" (some translations, not all, use "adoption"). But "sonship" is more accurate in the original Greek language of the NT. Praise God! No need for adoption.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the behavior of the people on this planet, seems that some were born from God and others from Satan.

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