November 7, 2010

The Truman Show or Adoptee Island?

I saw this movie several years ago before I realized the impact adoption had on my life. If that could be imagined. The scene about him being "the first baby legally adopted by a corporation" just flew right by me without notice...I do have to admit, though, that the movie creeped me out in a weird way, a way in which I just couldn't put my finger on...but thought about for days.

Well, I happened to be flipping channels today and came across it again...only got to watch the last hour, but was completely mortified and intrigued. This is THE movie of the adoptee.

Truman had to WAKE UP just like every adopted individual and realize that there was more to his life, identity, and world than just his "role". Adoptee's very birth certificates are sealed and amended to create an entire new role, identity and cast for our lives. We are expected to live by that man-made role and told (just like Truman) that it is BEST for us, so not to rock the boat...just what he did.

It feels like the monumental struggle of our lives to cross over that bridge (of truth) and face the raging ocean head on, to wake up & find that all we thought was real, isn't...that we are so much more than our orchestrated existence in our adopted role...

When Truman hit the "horizon" with a heart ached. Seeing his complete despair and hopelessness over being held "in the dark" for so long, regarding his entire identity and reality, was heart-breaking.

I think every adoptee eventually hits that same wall. We have to courageously climb those steps into the unknown and confront the somehow find our true identity, grief, and integration into the real world. What an amazing movie...and wild ride.

I loved the scene in which the caller expressed the truth about Truman being held captive in this make-believe world, not knowing reality. She was ridiculed as being part of "the vocal minority". Yet, when Truman finally found freedom, the entire world rejoiced with him.

The adoption industry speaks against adoptees & original mothers who refuse to be silent about unethical practices and sealed records, calling them "the vocal minority",

We, however, must continue to speak the truth...because as more and more states pass adoptee access legislation, the entire nation will rejoice.

The Truman Show had a sick cult following that society accepted for far too long...even when its most devoted fans secretly wished and cheered for Truman to break free of his all too perfectly (amended) existence...into realness.

I pray for the day all of society cheers as adoptees everywhere have the same right as every other American access our original, unfalsified birth certificates, identities, and reality.


Amanda Woolston said...

I didn't know any of that. Thanks for posting about it.

I agree about the "vocal minority." Isn't that what the NCFA puts in their newsletters and testimonies about Adult Adoptees and Adoptee Rights? That the "anti-adoption community" is just a "small group of people" who don't represent everyone?

So sad.

It doesn't matter if only one person speaks out against injustice. If they have a point, that should be enough.

Amanda Woolston said...

ps. whenever I read the NCFA calling us a "small group of people," meaning, we shouldn't be listened to because they claim there isn't a lot of us, I always think of the Bible verse

"The one voice crying in the wilderness......"

When Jesus was born, there was just one voice preparing the way. Being one voice didn't make John the Baptist wrong :-)

Real Daughter said...

Now that I have come out of the fog/closet, etc, movies like this are amazing to me. I have a whole new appreciation for the. Even "Elf" and the one about everyone's favorite adoptee, Moses, "The Ten Commandments".

Its like I have four different lives...One I should have had with my first family, the one with my a family, one before I was fogged, and this new one that I am out in the open. Very eye opening and liberating.

J. Marie Jameson said...

Our of curiosity, I will be looking for this on Netflix. It may have to be one I watch when the hubs is away and it's just me, a blanket, my cats and a tissue box.

Lori said...

What I find totally sad is that so many people don't realize what that movie is really about. I watch Jim Carey - He makes me laugh, cry and mostly intriques me....

Consider this, "Liar, Liar" - a tale about an attorney that was so good at stretching the truth that his son had to bring him back to reality. It was about the value of family and love.

"Bruce, Almighty" about a man that wanted to run it all and found out how exhausting it was and how much heartache you can cause with your own behaviors (I have still a lot of learning on that front). That we can't be all and do all. That love does matter.

And many others, which, unlike modern movies, carries a message and a moral to the story....

The moral to the story in "The Truman Show" is pretty specific - and amazingly ignored! Put it out there! This was a testiment to lying to, hiding and being manipulative of a human being, an Adoptee! And, I love this part, the industry's belief that they are the only ones right in the world....since he was adopted by an entity that only exists on paper.

Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

Funny, I really had a hard time with that movie when I saw it. I immediately put two and two together and found it difficult to watch.

This was a very thought provoking and beautifuly put post, thank you for sharing your thoughts.