June 15, 2007

Adoption & God

God's hand saving man
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If it was "God's perfect will" and not "2nd Best" for children to be adopted, then it must be His perfect will when someone's leg is amputated, when people get cancer, when a child's parent passes away, when a tornado blows away an entire town.....need I go on?

Holy Cow.

Saying that it was in God's perfect plan for you to be able to adopt your child is ridiculous. It is insulting to your child, and to God. He did not want that child to be separated from his/her Mommy, to lose their heritage, their name, their lineage, their relatives, and original identity - just so you could have a child. Sorry. It doesn't work that way. And saying that it was God's plan or will only rubs salt into the wound of a child who has lost everything, and is being forced to live your fantasy at the expense of his/her reality and pain.

When Joseph was sold into slavery and then reunited with his family years later, he wisely said, "What the ENEMY has meant for evil, GOD turned for good." He knew that it wasn't God's original plan and will for him to be separated from his own family and blood-line. Only a sadistic God would be that cruel. God is LOVE.

It is cruel to say to an adopted child that God "meant" for you to be the "Mom". It is just using "God" in your OWN way, to do your OWN will. I know that sounds harsh, but it is just downright true. Your child lost their Mother. And so much more.

You may be a great substitute Mother, but don't put God into an equation that will only cause your child confusion, saddness, and insecurity in his/her relationship with Him.

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