June 14, 2007

The Big Lie

Lie or truth?
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Yes, everyone experiences loss.

But not everyone has their birth certificate falsified and sealed from them.

Not everyone is, in a sense, told to "suck it up" by the business that claims to "serve" them; to remain invalidated their entire lives to please those who participate in a billion dollar per year industry, hiding behind a charitable front called "adoption."

Not everyone is legally transferred from the family God placed them in, to another family (sometimes half-way around the world), for the purpose of fulfilling the new family's need to "parent".

Not everyone is at the center of expensive and clever marketing/advertising agendas.

Adoption is the Big Lie, and it is called CHILD ABUSE -
"being used for the sake of something other than its intended purpose". Children have a right to be loved and reared by the parents who give birth to them, protected from separation caused by a money-making, supply/demand-driven industry that seeks to provide babies to those who will pay money to purchase them.

Children have a right to know who they are, and not have their identities stolen from them in a legal transaction.  

Children are not property.
When will our society and government listen to adult adopted individuals and open our own records to us; and stop financing a greed-ridden system?

Must we somehow be "amended" to be acceptable or receive care?

It isn't the LOSS that people don't want us to talk about...
everyone experiences LOSS.

It is the LIE that people don't want us to talk about.
We are used to replace children for those who have none.
We don't want to live that Lie our entire lives.

We can and do LOVE many people in our lives.
But that doesn't negate our reality.

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