January 10, 2014


Beautiful landscapes provide the backdrop for a mother and son who look on from a distance. 

Philomena, the true story....shows for one more week at Tulsa's Circle Cinema.  A must see. 


Sefora Silva said...

Appears to be good. I would like more details.


visit and sigin up: Appears to be good. I would like more details.


Stephanie said...

I just found your blog through a link about the family that adopted the twins. I was adopted out of foster care when I was 15 and I cannot wait to come back to your blog to read more. There are few people in this world that can really get what is in my heart but I have feeling you could.

Baby Girl Lowe living life as Samantha Franklin said...

So glad to meet you. Hope to get to know you as we walk this journey of being adult adoptee's with many others. I love my adoptive family with all my heart, but needed to incorporate my entire identity and family to be a whole person, no matter how painful. Hugs, Samantha

Anonymous said...

We Are The American Philomena