October 16, 2013

The Price

Check Signing
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You have all been redeemed at infinite cost: do not become slaves to men.
I Corinthians 7:23


As I was cleaning out my Mom's home during her recent move to assisted living, I came across some paperwork that made me stop in my tracks. Included, was the actual check she and my adoptive Dad wrote for the "finalization" of my adoption in 1968.
It even bore the stamp "Paid" across it.

Growing up I remember being very proud of my status as a "Chosen Child".

Now I realize it was a way of compensating for the uncomfortable feelings of "differentness" and subsequent questions lurking in my adopted mind. 
Unacknowledged thoughts and feelings that compounds the trauma of disenfranchised grief from which adoptees must disassociate in a society which views adoption as all party and no pain.

Yet sadly, in adoption, when money is exchanged and records of the child's original identity are sealed, it sets the environment for conflict of interest, as well as unethical and coercive activities.  It fails to protect the best interests of children and natural families.   It is essentially the buying and selling of children.

Adoptees are "chosen" = "bought" to fill a role.

Societal views of adoption are influenced by "professionals" (ie. brokers) who make their living off the business.
Truths of adoption are hidden behind the almighty dollar and adoptees are silenced into a fog of "gratefulness".

Very few adoption agencies will even acknowledge valuable works such as "The Primal Wound" which could actually educate society about the needs of adoptees. Why won't they?  Because it might damage their business.  

The OK Supreme Court case, "In the Matter of the Adoption of Baby Boy A" points out the lengths people will go to broker & procure a baby, including the use of private investigators, and objecting to the non-consent of natural parents.
In this case alone, $147,289.42 was paid in attorney's "fees" and adoption "costs" to obtain this precious commodity.  Baby Veronica, Baby Desirai and others...boughtThey are paying an even higher price than what was paid for them.        
Every adoptee's identity is bought, FOR a price...  

Birth certificates are "amended" upon the finalization of adoption to (inaccurately) state that adopters gave birth.  Identities are wiped out and changed so that adoptees will be "as if" born to another.  But is that truthful? 
Adoption law does not serve those who need homes, but those who want a child...and the brokers who use whatever means necessary to obtain the product.  Documents are falsified and original birth certificates are forever sealed from the very party it pertains to. 

As an adult adoptee, and a Christian, this all makes the spiritual concept of "redemption" take on a whole new significance. 

I'm so thankful our Creator God & Father paid the ultimate price to "redeem" us (means "to buy back" or "pay a ransom").      


Margie said...
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Von said...

Well, it is part of his story..what does he think?
Adopters do some pretty strange things sometimes for who knows what reasons.Unless they are an adoptee they can have no idea how it might affect the adoptee or it's significance.It is such an individual thing anyway.
Great post Peach!

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