September 29, 2013

Lost Daughters: Whose Interests Do We Serve?

"In current adoption law, adoptee's birth certificates are "amended" (falsified) to state that new parents actually gave birth.  It attempts to create an alternative reality by legally erasing a child's God-given identity and family connections.

It is this persistent under-world of 

double-messages and indoctrination of "positive" adoption language, coupled with unethical laws and practices promising "forever families" to paying customers, which led our court system and popular opinion to applaud the abusive separation from her family that Veronica Brown was forced to endure...and continues to endure.  Veronica Brown?  She's been erased.

She is paying the cost of keeping this adoption system "viable" by losing all she is and loves...for whose best interest?"

"It is hard to fathom this Court allowing the enforcement of an adoption decree entered in direct contravention of the Oklahoma and U.S. Constitutions.

  ~ Justice Noma Gurich ~

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