April 23, 2010

Truth in Advertising?

Here's a new booklet geared towards recruitment of young mothers to relinquish their babies for adoption. You can "click" on the title of this post to read more "heroic" babble being fed to young, vulnerable mothers. As a product of this industry, I am appalled that advertising in the adoption "market" is even legal, but since it is, what happened to the ethical standard of "truth in advertising"?

Not to mention accountability to the professional standards of non-directive and non-coercive counseling?

Adoption agencies and attorneys are not required to adhere to any of these. They spout unbalanced and one-sided facts/stats/information about adoption and fail to provide proven research and information available regarding life-long issues affecting both "birthmothers" and adoptees. Why doesn't this comic book include such important information such as "The Primal Wound" or even "Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Parents Knew" when they advertise how wonderful the adoption "option" is for all involved? Because it may adversely affect the mother's decision, that is why, and that would affect their numbers, their bottom line, their industry of supply/demand.

Adoption is far too serious to be sold in a comic book to young mothers for the agenda of exploiting them and their babies.


legitimatebastard said...

Who published this booklet? Please scan the whole thing and post it! I want to write to the publisher to ask if they'd publish a booklet to the same audiance about the truth of relinquishment and what that does to the young, not married parents and to the baby given up and then adopted. I'll write the booklet from our point of view.

*Peach* said...

It is called "So You're Thinking About Adoption" and is written by Mardie Caldwell. If you click on the title of this post "Truth in Advertising" it will link you directly to the book's website.

To me it looks like the same pamphlets that adoption agencies and crisis pregnancy centers have used for years, saying how the mother can do the "heroic" thing and choose adoption as the best option for her and her child.

M. said...

Did you read the "recipe for adoption success"? One of the "ingredients" is a "pinch of grief, it's normal." Another is, "A Lifetime of Pride, in yourself and your decision."

A pinch of grief is normal? How about a lifetime of grief is normal????

I think I need to go lay down some more...after I go throw up.


M. said...

But wait, Peaches, there's more!!! We can get our own authentic autographed copy of the book of "fun pregnancy stuff" from http://www.iwasthinkingaboutadoption.com/book.html

HOLY SHAZAM, this stuff is truly heinous.