December 12, 2009

Child-Trafficking & Adoption?

An Oklahoma judge will decide the punishment for a family accused of abusing an adopted Liberian girl.

Andee Verlon Tyler, 51, and his wife, Penny Tyler, 46, along with their son, Ashton Malachi Tyler, 20, on Wednesday pleaded no contest and waived their right to a preliminary hearing in Major County District Court.

The two elder Tylers face felony child abuse charges for the alleged abuse of their adopted 11-year-old Liberian daughter. Ashton Tyler is accused of sexually assaulting his adopted sister and is charged with rape by instrumentation.

The Tylers’ daughter, NathaniaTyler, 21, also was accused in the case. She pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of assault and battery.

The girl [read innocent victim], now 13, has been living out of state with relatives [what relatives? others related to the beasts who perpetrated these inhuman crimes?].

Haworth declined to say if her four Liberian sisters, also adopted by the Tylers, remained in their adoptive parents’ home. [You gotta be kidding!!]

The five sisters were adopted in 2005 from a Liberian orphanage operated by the West African Children Support Network, The Oklahoman found.

Assistant DA Haworth said the outcome of the criminal case could affect a pending deprived juvenile case being battled over the girls in family court.

"Obviously, if their parents are incarcerated, something will happen to the girls,” Haworth said, adding there would be no custody change until the criminal case is resolved.

An officer with a National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter claims the girl and her sisters, ranging from 5 to 15, are victims of a child slavery scam.

Angela Molette, president of the Garfield County NAACP, compiled a 28-page report and alleges the children are part of an international child trafficking operation where Americans buy children to turn into slaves.

Molette alleges the Tylers paid $30,000 to $40,000 for the children, and got financial help from their church for the adoption.

*Any monetary exchange for a human-being is unethical, in even "legitimate" adoption.

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Lori said...

There you have it - "any monetary exchange"

OMG - who here does not see adoption as slavery? Human beings are bought and sold openly with the blessings of the government. The only time the government owns this is when it is something truly horrible, such as this.

Adoption should be a tool to provide a home for a child that has absolutely no other options - and it should be open and renegable when the situation changes!

Gee - does that scream "GUARDIANSHIP"!

This is how freaks and crazy's get kids.

Just thought you should know, the supposed social service agencies, known by many different names in each state, are the ones that let freaks and crazies keep their children. They place a child who has been raped in the home of the rapists relatives? Where do they think that the rapist learned to be that way?