August 15, 2008

Nancy Verrier Interview Pt 1

I got to meet Nancy Verrier (author of "The Primal Wound"), at an AAC conference a few years ago. She was so approachable and truly caring. I so appreciated the chance to talk with her briefly, and have her autograph my copy of her latest book, "Coming Home to Self." As an adult adoptee, it is like inhaling a breath of fresh air, or a cool drink of water to finally find an author who truly "gets it" and who validates and defends the feelings of adoptees (deep inside). It makes us feel like we can finally "come out of hiding" emotionally and really experience and accept the "hidden" part of who we are.

This was the 1st and only conference I have attended, and truly, I was blown away by the validation, the friendship, and the embrace I received, by so many. The last night of the conference was fun, because they had a big dance in the hotel ballroom. After several days of intense workshops and healing, it was great just to relax with some great tunes and have fun with my new friends. Friends who you don't have to "explain" anything to, because they already "know". The only dance I was brave enough to join in on was the "YMCA" ~ it was great looking over and seeing Nancy Verrier (my hero author ~ lol) dancing just a few friends over from me! I'd recommend AAC Conferences (along with the many other great conferences being held nowdays) to everyone "touched" by adoption. And their website has some excellent articles and up to date information about the work towards "adoptee access" legislation, as well.

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