August 18, 2008

Emmy-Award Winning Actor Discovers He Has a Son

EXCLUSIVE: Emmy Award-Winning Actor Discovers He Has a Son
December 18, 2006

Actor turned turned radio personality Jay Thomas (who nabbed two Emmys
for his role on '90s sitcom Murphy Brown) has discovered he has an
illegitimate son.
Thomas' son, John Harding "JT," who is the frontman for the band JTX,
found his father after years of searching.

"I was told by my adoptive parents, 'I joined them as a family member
as an infant and my biological dad was 'different' and not like the
rest of us," Harding tellsUsmagazine. com. "Those remarks often caused
me to fantasize and wonder about just me who my birth dad really
was... A monster? A member of the traveling circus?"
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At 17, Harding, left his home in Detroit, Michigan, to look for his
biological dad while pursuing a music career in Hollywood, CA, where
he'd frequently see Thomas' face on advertisements. Finally, Harding
connected with his birth mother who revealed who his father was.
Harding's reaction?
"He was the guy on the billboards!" Harding tells Us.

Harding, 28, and Thomas, 60, met for a Fat Burger and immediately
“It was like meeting myself 30 years ago," Thomas tellsUsmagazine. com.
"He’s got a different talent but same drive and passion and certainly
the same sense of humor."
Thomas jokes, "Obviously if I knew he was going to be this successful
I would have kept him!"

Thomas, host of the Jay Thomas Show on Sirius Radio, famously played
hockey player Eddie Lebec, who made Carla a widow on Cheers when he
was killed by a Zamboni machine.
Thomas and his wife Sally Michelson are parents to sons Sam, 17, and
Jake, 15.

Following in his pop’s footstep’s, Harding's career is taking off.
Listen to Harding’s first single, "(I'm Gonna) Party Like a Rock Star."
"I've got two families to cheer me on to help me achieve my musical
dream! Harding gushes.
Thomas and Harding will share their story on Howard Stern's "Howard
101" on Sirius Radio, on August 15.

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The Improper Adoptee said...

"Thomas jokes, "Obviously if I knew he was going to be this successful
I would have kept him!"

I don't think that is funny.