June 5, 2008

"Independent Adoption Center" ~ Just One Example of Many

Money heart and hands
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It seems obvious to me ~ this "ad" below (you can link directly to their website by "clicking" the title to this post, above), is just another way to 'get babies' ~ no doubt.

When should it be legal or "ethical" for the "business" of adoption to be the same "professionals" who provide "counseling" ~ never. When should it be legal to raise money for "advertisements" or "recruit" mothers to give up their babies? Never.

Why should money be raised & spent for increasing the number of babies "available" for adoption? I thought we were trying to find homes for children that need them? ~ Not create MORE children that need them. But that is exactly what agencies like this do ~ for their true customers ~ the potential adoptive parents.

Adoption agencies run a "business" ~ pure & simple. Adoptees are the products. You can't really enforce "ethics" in a business that deals in humans as their product. It is an unethical business in the first place. In the name of "charity" and "saving babies" they are serving a population of would-be adoptive parents (customers) who drive the decisions being made because of the laws which allow it ~ unregulated.

So we end up calling the darkness "light", which is extremely dangerous. For the mothers and children they say they serve.

Everyone knows that just because an agency is "non-profit" doesn't mean it is not money-driven, supply-demand driven, and certainly can't claim to be the "experts" in adoption ~ no adoption professional can. The "experts" are the products of the industry who are still fighting just to have the same human right as those professionals ~ their own birth certificate. The same "professionals" who "testify" against this right. What is wrong with this picture? Everything.

"IAC Announces Major Fundraising Drive
In Support of Birthparent Advocacy Campaign"

"(May 2008) Ann Wrixon, the Independent Adoption Center's executive director, announced the launch of a major fundraising drive in support of the most ambitious birthparent advocacy campaign that IAC has ever undertaken. The campaign is designed to increase the number of young adults who, when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, are: empowered in their decision-making process, aware of open adoption as one of their choices, and, should they choose to place their child for adoption, will consider open adoption and IAC.

The campaign was developed to address the fact that the vast majority of women who experience an unplanned pregnancy are unaware of adoption as one of their choices and are unaware that research continues to confirm that open adoption is the healthiest form of adoption. The campaign will reach its target audience through a highly informative, network quality television commercial that will be produced by Zystar Films, an award-winning, LA-based, television production company. The total cost of the campaign is $280,000, which includes $80,000 to produce the ad and $100,000, each of the first two years, to purchase television broadcast time, nationally. Funds are being raised through individual donations, corporations, and foundations.

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