May 24, 2008

Guatemalan Held in Illegal Adoption

Yet Another....

Guatemalan held in illegal adoption case


GUATEMALA CITY (AP) The sister of a Guatemalan congressman was charged
Wednesday with running an illegal adoption ring after police found nine
children in her home.

Police raided Rosalina Rivera's house Tuesday in search of a kidnapped
4-year-old boy, Attorney General Baudilio Portillo said. Officers did not
find the boy, but stumbled upon nine children between seven and 12 months of
age instead.

Rosalina Rivera was taken into custody and released on bail early Wednesday,
Guillermo Melgar, a spokesman for Guatemala's judicial system, told The
Associated Press.

"She said she was just taking care of the babies while their mothers were at
work," but she was unable to say where the birth mothers were, Melgar said.

Rivera is the sister of congressman Gudy Rivera, president of a
congressional committee on minors and family affairs.

Last week, the attorney general announced a full case-by-case review of all
of Guatemala's 2,286 pending foreign adoptions, as authorities overhaul an
adoptions system plagued by fraud and corruption.

Rep. Rivera's committee asked the national Adoptions Council to freeze all
foreign adoptions for at least a month to allow for the review.

Guatemala has been the No. 2 source of adopted babies for U.S. parents after
China, largely because its system is relatively easy to navigate.
Prospective parents paid notaries as much as US$30,000 (euro19,400) to walk
them through the process from start to finish.

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theodora said...


My Name Is Theodora Sullivan/Kalogiannis.I am 30 years old and live in Rural SA.
I have written many Of These emails and will try to explain what has happened to the Best of My Abilty and with an Afridavid if you wish.

I was Born July 1981 in Athens,My Birth Certificate as You see is Old and a Copy.It has Three pages.My Citizen ship was Also Done in Greece.
I have been Involved with a Company called Seasyp who is red Flagged and I did not know untill now,from People in The proffesions of Adoptions,and I cut all Contact,due to the Insuffuciant quality of customer service and The dismay of Being ridaculed for not paying money.(scammers)

The day I was Born My birth Mother was Told By The Doctor That Sold me that I died a few Minutes after Birth.
From There he Sold me too My adoptive Parents for 6000 Dracmes.

I have spoken with foregn Affairs and they Brushed me off with no sign of help or even suggesting were i can go,The same with Immigrations.
I have called The greek Consulates,both here and Over there,i have called Both Embassys,ive tryed to MAke an Appointment with PARLAMENT,I Have Braodcasted My Voice In America on Radio Staion Ellinikos FM (Greek),and sent Many many Emails to People that could Possibly help,and They Declined.

I was Going to DOB Line to dob myself in as an Illegal Immigrant, that its become so desprate for me too get Answers.

I have Not only made a You tube Video but have called upon 40-50 People inclduing lawyers,Journalists radion Stations and Facebook Under Greek Born Adoptees,with my Group Being other Greek Born adoptees Searching fo their parents.Ive spent Hours on the Internet and reaserching all about the illegal adoption rings and Informing of what ever new Inforamtion i Find.

And I Have Broadcasted On facebook For someone To help Me pay For airfares For me too Leave my family here and Go search with The Correct Representatives Over there,and try to Find Answers.

I have Been Treated her in Australia terribly and I have the Right If Im Correct to Sue the Australian Embassy in Greece and Also The Greek Government for everything They have caused to not only me,but my sister who also was sold and the same news to her Birth family,who I may Have found.
If You Can Look at my case and Please Help Me get some help here In Australia.I will be Putting letters On car windscreens In The rural Areas Of SA and doing anything i can too get Listened too and Noticed so the word Gets spread.I Need More greek Born adoptees Australia Wide too come Forward,Beacuse theres mothers seaching over there,and we need to Fight this all together.