May 23, 2008

Thoughts From My Friend, Lora

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"Many times when we are in public, I get a sympathetic "awwwww" or that one occasional person who feels deemed to inform me just how "special" my son is... or that GOD only gives "special" children to special moms ~ NO HE DOESN'T.

I didn't ask GOD for this challenge, and believe me, most days are challenging. Raising Jeremy is difficult. I worry about the shunt, his heart, scoliosis, his lack of weight gain, not sleeping, this gene mutation we found, getting all he needs at school...are children being mean to him? he hurting and can't tell me what's going on?....

GOD never told us anywhere in his word that we are going to have an easy life. John 6:33 says, "In this life we will have trouble, but do not fear for I have overcome the world." That is my hope.

He will be very gracious at the voice of thy cry: when he shall hear it, he will answer thee, Isaiah 30:19.

I'm not a special mom picked from some "special mommy tree" and I certainly don't deserve a medal for raising my son.

We all have a mission, purpose, plan for our life that GOD instills in us. I don't know what that is for everyone, because my mission is different. He didn't make us all alike or this would be a really dull world. It would be a BLAST, however, if everyone could have a sense of humor...LOL.

My life didn't turn out like I had planned. In fact, I have a hunch that most of our struggles in life aren't "planned" by God, either. We blame Him for ALOT of things that He's crying right along side us about...all the while, reaching out to give restoration and healing.

Jeremy wasn't the child I thought I was going to have almost 9 years ago, but Jeremy is Jeremy, and he's my son...and you know what? LIFE IS GREAT; it's GREAT because GOD is so GOOD."


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