July 16, 2007

"Dear Burfmother" Letter in the Raw

Chicken holding egg.
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http://www.geocities.com/aneliese7/dbc.html - Just had to share this good laugh ~ "Dear Birthmother" letters will never be the same again! lol

There is an overwhelming idea in society that "Birthmothers" (as they are called) are "loose" women, on drugs, poor, not capable or worthy of being Mothers.
When, truly, the case is usually much different - they are young, vulnerable women who are pursued viligently by would-be adoptors, and told that they are "heroes", "angels", "giving a great gift", etc.

It is only AFTER they sign the relinquishment papers that they are suddenly looked down upon, thrown aside, and hoped to disappear forever. If they don't disappear, they are simply "tolerated".

Truth is, most adoptees secretly wonder and search their entire lives. Their very identity and self-worth are intricately tied to their natural Mothers. This is only natural. It is quite a travesty for adoptees to be placed in this precarious position ~ to endure this societal belief ~ . In order to fulfill the parenting dreams of those who adopt.

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Attila The Mom said...

So very very true! Loved this post!