May 11, 2007

Thank you, Dad

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Ok, now for the good stuff!!!!!

Here are the words on the card my natural father gave me!

"Daughter, You are My Precious Gift" (just think in reunion I can be a gift, not just in adoption)

This next part says it all:

"No one can count on the future or know what they someday might do.
But if I could have chosen a daughter, my heart would have reached out for you-
I'd have wished for your warm disposition and dreamed of your spirit and style, I'd have hoped for your love and affection, imagined your beautiful smile....

Life holds some gifts and surprises, and one of the best there could be
Is having a daughter as precious as the one who was given to me."

Happy Birthday, with All my love, Dad

And when he gave it to me he mentioned that he looked for the "right card". It was so special, I can't even express.

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