April 16, 2007

In Hiding

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Evelyn Bennett~ wonder what she is doing right now? Just like all "adopted" infants, she is oblivious to the paperwork scramble that took place, the meetings, the court appearances, everything. All because of her. Wow. She just wants her Mommy. She realizes all too silently that the woman who holds her, changes her, plays patty-a-cake, feeds her, etc. is a "nice lady"(maybe), but not her Mommy. It is strange, as an adult adoptee, to think back and realize how carefully I buried the natural feelings, the sheer terror, the memories of those first few days/years in my adoptive home. It is like the real Baby Girl Lowe disappeared, went under wraps, hidden ~ kind of like Evelyn Bennett is right now. Hopefully her name won't be changed, on top of everything else she is losing. Precious moments with her real family. My name was changed ~ with my middle name being Evelyn ~ after my adoptive grandmother. Who I grew to love. Attached quite well to. But who I painfully knew I wasn't a part of. Especially after finding my natural grandmothers in reunion ~ man, was I like them. But then the pain surfaced ~ I was a part of each of them, they were a big part of who I was/am, but yet, I was separated from them my entire life up to that point. I didn't have the natural, comfortable, real granddaughter/grandmother connection, relationship from a child. Because I was transferred out, legally shifted, forever changed. Betwixt and between.

Evelyn Bennett will someday grow up and probably be livid to find out her history. The truth always comes out. Through much secrecy, sealed records, frustration and tears.

One new tactic of adoption brokers (along with "open" adoption) is to stall and delay and prolong each contested adoption, each appeal, so long that the law can be implemented called "best interest". Even if an adoption is proved wrongful, or contested and overturned lawfully, they are adding additional laws which require a separate custody hearing called a "best interest hearing" after the adoption is deemed mute. THEN, because the child was sequestered in the adoptive home for days, months, or years (most likely) the "best interest" card is pulled out, stating that the best interest of the child is to remain with the adoptive family ~ because that is all he/she has ever known. And wouldn't it be tragic, sad, abusive, to remove this innocent child from the only "parents" they have ever known? This is such a farse. Anyone with half a brain can see through the tactic of delays, prolonged appeal processes, etc. This is another necessary tool of the adoption industry because of the lack of infants available for adoption. Coerce, use unethical practices to "get" the baby, and then use unethical appeals processes to "ensure" the child remains "adoptable". We as a society see through this, and demand that lawmakers and Judges be made to change and enforce ethical laws UPFRONT in the adoption process, which protect the child and the mother, the natural family ~ and not the potential adoptors.

Stephanie Bennett was a minor who was encouraged by an adoption agency to "run away" from home so she could sign the adoption papers without the influence or support from her family. A school counselor encouraged this unethical practice. All because her baby, Evelyn, was prime meat in the adoption mill, and her value was worth several thousand dollars in the market that day......even though the courts found the adoption was wrongful, the adoptive family refuses to return the baby to her natural family, who loves and is fighting court battles to have her returned. This is a blatant denial of the legal rights and natural needs of a child and her family.

I pray for Evelyn Bennett and her family ~ for supernatural favor to surround them and bring them together again soon.


Julie said...


This is how I think of Evelyn, too. My heart breaks over and over for her with each blog, each bit of (bad) news. That she could grow up and know her lifelong pain was preventable... well, I truly can't imagine how she would feel.

Third Mom said...

Thank you for a great post!!

momseekingpeace said...
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momseekingpeace said...

What I wrote did not make sense, I will try again.

Kids in foreign countries are taken out of the only places they have known, without a thought, they are bieng saved, why is it that they only use this when a mother is fighting to get thier child back?

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