September 19, 2013


                            Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves;
                                       ensure justice for those being crushed.
                         Yes, speak up for the helpless, and see that they get justice.
                                                        Proverbs 31:8-9                     
Adoption brokers that profit off the sale of adoptees, desperately need to "save face" at all costs in "Adoptive Couple vs. Baby Girl" (the title of the case says it all). 

They also lobby state legislatures not to pass model legislation supported by The Child Welfare League of America, restoring the unconditional right of adult adoptees to their original birth certificates. 

I wonder why?  Who knows what is under "seal" if the ethics of the so-called "adoption" of Veronica is any clue?

"Settlement" sounds like a business transaction.  We "settle" on property disputes.  Veronica is not property.  It would be abusive to require her participation in a completely unnecessary "shared" custody agreement.  It is certainly not in her best interest.    

I wonder how many letters adoptees across this nation have search of their identities...their medical histories....their families? 

Sadly, letters are all we have.  I pray Veronica will be spared letter writing later, by letters so many are writing on her behalf now.

"I grew up loving my adoptive parents and we are still very close.  I've also been blessed to reunite with my natural family over twenty years ago.  It has taken a life-time to overcome the identity, loss, and loyalty issues which every adopted person hides personally within their hearts. 

I am concerned that Veronica's voice is being lost.  She is not a child who needs a home, which is the intended purpose of adoption. 

The potential adoptive parents could have honored her with the right to her own family.  No matter how "good" or "bad" an adoption is, it means a human being loses normal connections with their family and identity, and they have to fulfill a role in a family they were not born into or share genetic likeness.  Veronica has never been a child who needs a home, which is the intended purpose of adoption. 
The money and marketing in America's unregulated adoption industry, create an environment for coercion, fraud, and human rights violations, and prevents those children who truly need homes from finding them. 

Fighting a child's parent in order to take them as "their own" is inhumane and a society which values this practice over the right of a child to their own family is far from healthy. 

Even in legitimate adoptions, why should giving a child a home require them to deny their own God-given identity, heritage, and family history in order to receive care?  Is it a matter of possession?

Even "open" adoptions are not legally enforceable, and some original birth certificates are being falsified with potential adoptive parents names, before an adoption is finalized.  These adopted individuals will never have recourse to know who they are.

When money is exchanged in adoption transactions, and birth certificates are "amended" and "sealed", it makes adopted people feel less than human.  The only other Americans whose identities were stolen and money was paid for their exchange, were American slaves. 
Australia has reformed their adoption practices and even issued a national apology to their citizens. 
Please hear the voices of adopted people, and spare Veronica from an adoption that is completely unnecessary and unethical. 
Sincerely ~