May 7, 2013

Notes and Perspectives

This Mothers Day I am overflowing with pride.  You, my son, have overcome so much, and brought more joy than you could ever imagine, in your first eight years on Earth. 

Eight years ago you graduated the NICU...after 98 days of fighting for your one-pound life.  Heart surgery, sepsis, transfusions, isolation...nothing stopped you, my little One.  Nothing. 

Today you graduated from your first-year "Sing & Play" piano class and played your first solo piano piece...only three notes, but mixed with your sweet voice, it was the most beautiful sound your Mommy's ears have ever heard. 

I wish I had the chance to explain to the other Mothers, but then again, I don't need to.  Don't judge, or even feel sorry for me when my son screamed out for HELLLP!" to find Middle C in the middle of the group piece, or when he wiggled right off his piano bench, and then pouted because he had to move from "the fancy black bench" to the piano with the sturdy white one...

Sweetheart, You FINISHED the held yourself together through all that and more. More than most have experienced in their entire lifetime.  AND you make beautiful music. You are my hero, and I love you more than words can say.