November 15, 2012

The Evangelical Adoption Crusade

Read the compelling article here:  The Evangelical Adoption Crusade | The Nation##

"...they’ll do things in desperation to have a child they think is theirs. Some are really unlawful, falsifying an adoption or something like that. Many won’t get caught..." -  Brian Luwis, founder of the evangelical agency America World Adoption and a Christian Alliance board member.

As a Christian and an adult adoptee I am saddened by the entitlement culture in adoption, without regard to ethics.  Adoptees are reduced to commodities because of the money involved in this supply/demand based business culture of adoption.  Remove the money and then we will be able to help true orphans, instead of finance an adoption industry.  Restore the unconditional right of all adoptees access to their original birth certificates and stop falsifying birth certificates.  This would be the beginning of true advocacy.

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WP said...

I'm glad you shared this article Peach. I agree with you whole-heartedly! As someoneone who is both a believer and an adoptee, the evangelical adoption movement is painful for me in many ways. I want so much to see the church love PEOPLE instead of loving the institution of adoption.