August 8, 2012

Adoption in the Media: What Do Pregnant Women, Killers and Crying Babies Have in Common?

Very thought-provoking, indeed! I think it is true that the media is not to blame for the societal thoughts on adoption, but it does play a role (hence, "I'm having their baby"). Adoption is based on loss and is certainly not, nor should be, just "another way to build a family". It should be a last-resort, not a business. Adoptees should not be stripped of their birth certificates and live in a state-sanctioned witness protection program their whole lives. We are commodities, still. I applaud the media when they report the truth that children are "adopted" children of their parents. I know that isn't popular, but why hide the elephant in the room? Adoptees are just that, for the benefit of those whose names are put on our "amended" (falsified) birth certificates "as if" they gave birth to us, when they didn't. That distinction is part of us and our families forever.
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