July 28, 2012

Only one cultural identity should be stressed in adoption process ~ ???

Only one cultural identity should be stressed in adoption process | NewsOK.com

"Only one cultural identity should be stressed in the adoption process — placing a child in a culture of family love and support."

As an adult adoptee, I must respectfully disagree with this editorial.  If we truly want to honor the best interests of children, cultural identity should be seen as paramount in adoption, simply because it is a strong component in human and identity development.  Not only cultural identity, but original identity.

 ....This story, however, is more about a culture of corruption....and it is about family.

 This father was kept out of the decision regarding his own daughter's adoption and began formally contesting the decision when she was just an newborn. He was pushed out like many fathers are by the adoption industry. They should have done the right thing when Veronica was a tiny baby and not stripped her biological father's wishes and rights away just because she was a precious commodity in a supply/demand business. Justice isn't always popular, but I'm proud of this father for fighting for his daughter and for the rights of natural parents everywhere.

Adoption law is filled with conflict of interest issues and human rights violations because of the money involved and the need for babies.  It strips the adoptee of their identity rights.  Adoption reform is long past due.

"The Child Welfare Information Gateway reports that Oklahoma had the third-highest adoption rate among the 50 states in 2008."       

It is common practice in contested adoptions that the adoption industry will litigate and postpone court hearings as long as possible so the child will remain in the adoptive home long enough for them to use the "best interest of the child" argument ~ saying that it would be wrong to "rip the child away" from the only home it has ever known. This is unethical. Adoption law is written not to protect the best interests of children or families at all...but for the consumers (adoptive parents) and the adoption business itself. Adoption is a billion-dollar unregulated industry in the transfer of human-beings. 

Adult adoptees are the only Americans stripped of their true identity, biological heritage and genealogy because of archaic "sealed records" laws in adoption. 

Six U.S. states have passed legislation (supported by The Child Welfare League of America) restoring the unconditional right of adult adoptees access to their original birth certificates. 

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