July 8, 2012

The Forgotten Solution to the Abortion Debate?

"Adoption statistics are hard to track, since states are not necessarily required to report domestic adoptions. However, the numbers are grim, and much of it is owing to abortion. If true, such a mindset is troubling. How could we be so hostile to life, particularly given that "there are up to 36 couples waiting for every one baby placed for adoption"? The data is admittedly sparse, but sufficient."
See the entire article here:
The Forgotten Solution to the Abortion Debate

Thoughts after reading this article ~ 

If our society would:

1) Encourage, honor & support the mother/child bond, and support young women who find themselves pregnant;

2) Remove the monetary element in adoption, which clouds it with unethical practices & gross conflict of interest & coercion;

3) Stop coveting infants in an economically driven supply/demand based business; and

4) Restore the identity rights of adult adoptees - then, and only then, will our society heal. 

You say adoption is the answer to abortion, but it actually is just another arm of the same problem in this country...the total disregard of the sacred mother/child/familial connection...

Some genealogists predict that within another 4 generations NO American's family tree will be accurate due to the business of adoption, sealed & falsified (amended) birth certificates, and the corrupt businesses of adoption and assisted reproduction (donor gametes). 

Children are a commodity and until we stop this commodification of human-beings, our society will not realize that the killing of unborn children is wrong either.