June 6, 2012

Humans under "Contract"

                                                             * Art by Rachel Berstein

Proposed Law Would Make NJ Women "Baby Factories": Critics

"It changes criminal law, it changes civil law," Cassidy said. "It violates every policy we've ever had to preserve the rights of mothers and their children."
First, it would bring to an end New Jersey's three-day waiting period for intended parents to have both of their names placed on a birth certificate.

Second, it would allow for formal contracts to be drafted between intended families and women who bear children for them."

The operative word here is "contract"....where are the rights of the human-being being created by these unethical reproductive "musical chairs" tactics??? Nowhere.

Human-beings are not commodities ~ except in adoption and surrogacy. No "intended parent" should be listed on a child's birth certificate, ever. Yet, in adoption and surrogacy this is common practice.  Laws should be in place to ENSURE every American citizen a factual birth certificate, period. These are government documents, yet falsified by the state, due to laws enacted to protect a business of human-exchange.

Adoptees and donor-created individuals are NOT perpetual children, yet we are silent victims of these "contracts" allowed by law. We grow up and not afforded the same right as every other American citizen to a FACTUAL original birth certificate. They are falsified, sealed, and coerced from us in a business contract protected by "sealed records" laws, in a money-driven system of child-procurement ~ adoption and fertility "services".

Until adoptees and donor-created individuals refuse to be stripped of our civil right of identity, these unethical businesses will continue. Genealogists have estimated that within four more generations, NO American's family tree will be accurate, due to "contracts" and "sealed records" laws in adoption. When one person's rights are trampled on, it affects everyone. These human-rights violations cannot be ignored forever.

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