January 5, 2012

"Biological Mom Kept From Child...."

This article is about a lesbian couple who "broke up" after the birth of their child. One woman donated her egg and the other one carried and birthed the child. Now the one who donated the egg wants to be listed on the birth certificate and have rights to the child, but the woman who birthed the child is keeping the child from her. Talk about a tangled web.

I only reference the article to show the ridiculousness of inaccurate birth certificates. It highlights the need for reform in law which requires every birth certificate to record accurate information, because it is the CHILD'S birth certificate and not the parent's.

For example, when a child is adopted, their original birth certificate is "sealed" and a new, "amended" (falsified) "Certificate of Live Birth" is created, showing the child's adoptive parents as the ones who actually gave birth. This is unethical.

Fact is, the law ("legal" parentage) can not (nor should it try to) erase biological and personal familial heritage, passed on through DNA.

Because reproductive and adoption "science" has not caught up with ETHICS, maybe every birth certificate issued should include the following:

Child's DNA originated from _____________ & _______________.

Some countries no longer allow legal "sperm" and "egg" donation to be "anonymous" for this very reason.

Personal DNA is important for every citizen to know. Not only for the adopted or surrogate born, or "donated" gamete-created child, but also for their children after them.

Some genealogists suggest that within four more generations, NO American's "family tree" will be accurate because of archaic "sealed records" laws in adoption and unethical reproductive science which doesn't require a factual record of birth/DNA/parentage for every American citizen.

This is only going to get worse, and will eventually affect every US citizen or family, in one way or another. Dr. Martin Luther King was right when he said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Human beings are being bought and sold as commodities in these unregulated, billion-dollar "industries", and until adoption and reproductive laws are reformed to respect the dignity and identity rights of the children affected, they should be immediately halted and deemed illegal.


Lori said...

And they claimed that slavery was abolished by Lincoln... I think they just changed the way people are bought and sold.

Anonymous said...

Hello, good post. This issue I'm quite passionate about as I reunite families separated for all sorts of reasons and they all have that false incomplete birth record there to create a stumbling block to people coming together as a family having legal rights as a family.

Anonymous said...

You are a bit wrong about something though. Yes the certificate is issued to identify a particular person as the offspring of two particular people, but it's a medical record of the adults as well. That is a vital record also filed under THEIR NAMES in a database as proof that they reproduced and have offspring. It is a testament to their good reproductive health at a particular moment in time and an inaccuracy would be just as much an affront to them and of course the department of public health as it is to the person who is listed as their offspring. Say a man who has become the victim of paternity fraud has a falsified medical record attesting to the fact that he has offspring - sux for him, sux for his relatives who may believe themselves to be the grandparents or cousins of his offspring.

You know its bull shit when people say that there is no right to know your bio relatives cause people totally have the right to access the vital records of their relatives because the existence of a person's relatives in part defines who other people in the family are like now they are someone's brother or uncle or aunt and now they need to know who that person they are related to is so they can like not ask them to prom and also buy them birthday gifts and invite them to superbowl sunday. That is our right, the surgon general wants people to go out and get the vital records of their relatives and build a solid history and understanding of the health of people they are related to. What kind of a sham is it if a person can access the vital records of relatives believing their relatives are all healthy and able to reproduce when in reality the records are falsified and in fact horrible infertility runs in the family.