August 10, 2011

3 Plead Guilt in "Baby-Selling" Ring

Oh, what a tangled web we weave. Read this telling quote from this article below:

"The defendants obtained pre-birth judgments that named the adoptive parents on the babies' birth certificates."

It is cases like this that drive home the injustice and complete disregard of the civil identity rights of human-beings who are "touched" by adoption.

A birth certificate is a government document that is routinely "falsified" in adoption, surrogacy, and "donor" situations. The victims are the defenseless babies who have no rights. They are commodities in the "business" of adoption or surrogacy, because state laws are biased on the side of the brokers (lawyers & agencies) and the buyers (adoptive or "intended" parents). When these precious babies grow up, they suddenly become voiceless adults without the right to obtain their original birth certificate, and many times, don't even have an accurate birth certificate on file ("sealed" or otherwise).

The only other time in American history where it was acceptable to change a human-being's identity and keep personal government documents from whom they belonged, was during American slavery. People were used as "goods".

It is ridiculous that in our society, adult adoptees are having to fight for their right to a non-falsified (versus "amended") birth certificate. We, our children and those generations after us deserve to know our genetic histories and make-up. Yet, adoption law in America continues to allow for "reasonable" fees & expenses (to the tune of thousands of dollars), "pre-birth" agreements, and the "sealing" & "amending" of the Certificate of Live Birth to reflect false information regarding true genetic parentage. This is a national travesty.

As Dr. Martin Luther King so wisely stated, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

3 plead guilty in California 'baby-selling ring' - - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Coverage You Can Count On

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jimm said...

It's those (cough, cough) "reasonable" fees and expenses which keep this flesh trade afloat. Thirty thousand dollars for a healthy white infant?! Come On! I'd like to see a chart showing where this money goes in a typical agency adoption. Cocaine importers cannot realize anything near this level of profit margin so it's no wonder the agencies fight any change to the tune of millions of dollars.

I'm waiting for the news story linking an agency to organized crime. You can't make be believe they haven't tried to infiltrate the business.