January 31, 2011

In the Age of Alternative Reproduction, Who Are a Child's Parents?

Every American should be ensured the right of a factual original birth certificat­­e, with the names of the people who actually provide the DNA for that individual­­. Assisted reproducti­­on and adoption are both businesses in human lives. The lives created through these "man-made" decisions deserve the same rights as every other citizen to KNOW & OWN their own genealogic­­al, DNA & birth identity. Even if a child is conceived through donor eggs/sperm and a surrogate, they still deserve the identity rights of who they came from. Our society needs to think twice about the human rights of these individual­­s before enacting laws and allowing this to continue.

Only six US states have passed legislatio­­n strongly supported by The Child Welfare League of American restoring the right of adult adoptees to access their original birth certificat­­e. Laws should be in place to ENSURE every American a FACTUAL birth certificat­­e. Amended birth certificat­­es are falsified and unfactual based on a legal contract. Human rights should never be trumped through a legal contract, but that is exactly what adoption & assisted reproducti­­on is allowing.
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Amanda said...

Amen Peach!

Parenting is about wanting what is best for children, not what is best for adults. Yet these institutions that "build" families for adults and couples forget to put the rights and needs of the children first and anticipate the fact that these chilren will one day grow up and want to be treated like everyone else.

Von said...

And Amen again.

Angelle said...

Perhaps also a line for the surrogate who carries a child to term but is not biologically related to the child. For all intents and purposes isn't that the person the child bonded with pre-birth?

It all depends on the perspective of who is using who's DNA and who is carrying the child. I mean, the paying end of the perspective declares ownership no matter the situation. Messy stuff.

Cassi said...

Amazing post!

Man has definitely invaded way to much on the desire to become parents and in the process is leaving so many without rights or connections to where they come from.

Hilarywho said...

Amen, indeed! When sperm and eggs are bought and sold it is the selling of human life. People are being SOLD. And a whole new crop of individuals are being created who will one day want to know who they are. It's crazy. And criminal. And it blows my mind that this continues to be a seeming non issue in the national discussion. We need to speak up and make others aware of how wrong these practices are.