November 29, 2010

Golden Tears

You'll wake up floating on a river of golden tears
Streaming past your hidden view
Amidst eyes of blue

Encircling your heart is crimson red
Blood of the fathers you never knew
Heart enshrined...finally to find the real 'you'

Safely hidden in this prison of blue
Your only chance now is to ride the hues
Grief unlocks the colors of life
You'll find your "purple" deep inside...after the ride

So close your eyes, and feel the depth
You'll find you're not alone
Surrounded by the throng, the unseen tears...Hold on

We must visit the eyes of our fore fathers
The pain of our unknown
Connect with the blood with whom we found life
Love through the tears of our own.

~ Samantha Franklin ~


a Tonggu Momma said...

Thank you for sharing this. I feel like I peeked into your soul.

Amanda said...

beautiful <3

Sh@s said...

Tears are precious. Keep them safe.