October 14, 2010

Adoption & The Bible

God's Will or God Swill
by Rohan McEnor

"For the sake of this article I will define 'adoption' as "the practice of altering the birth certificate and therefore the identity of a child such that a person or persons not biologically related to the child, are recognised as parents of the child. "

A large subset of all adoptions is newborn adoption - the child adopted into a family as close to birth as possible to give the illusion to both those within the adoptive family and outside the adoptive family, that the child is "as if born" to the adoptive couple.

Is such a general practice any part of God's will, or is it merely churchian god swill?"


Anonymous said...

This was a fascinating piece. I did notice my very favorite adoption example in the Bible, was missing. I would be interested in knowing the author's views on Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his brothers.
Lindi Hall

Lori said...

@Lindi - actually, Joseph was sold into slavery, not adopted. He earned promotions to his status, not through a pretense of being Pharoah's child or heir.

Just thought you would like to know.

Von said...

Thanks Peach for pointing this out.I'm linking it since it comes form Origins and refers to Australian practice.Here we seem to be seeing the death of adoption, step by step, little by little things change.

prahalad said...

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from Australia.
Rohan McEnor here - writer of the Godswill article.
Thanks for linking my article.
This article has been up on the web now for several years with the challenge for biblical scholars to blow it out of the water. I have not found one counter-article that has put together any cogent biblical thinking to touch what i have said.
Just had a quick look around and this looks like a very interesting site.
Was blown away by the Job 24:9 quote. Wish i had seen that one before writing.
Thanks girls - keep up the fight. You have a very long road over there in America - The United States of Adoption. :-(
hang in there.

*Peach* said...

Thanks so much, Rohen, for writing this article! Bless you all!