March 3, 2010

"We have a situation here..."

My son gives me such joy and laughter with the hilarious things he says and does every day. Today while jabbering away in his car seat, he came out with the brand new phrase (I have no idea where he heard it) "We have a situation here..."(voice inflection and all, kind of like "Houston, we have a problem". lol

I finally just had to break out into laughter because TRULY we did "have a situation" just a few minutes earlier, that was quite embarrassing for this shy Momma.

All I have to say is if you have young kids to beware "The Bachelor"! I don't watch much tv at all, but just happened to "catch" the last few episodes of The Bachelor. This particular one (in my opinion) was akin to watching a train wreck but not being able to make myself turn away. And that is frustrating. I kept telling myself, "Why are you watching this absurdity?" but then had to stay tuned to see what would happen. No more! lol

Anyway, my husband and I were watching the last episode together while Andrew was running around the living room playing. I didn't think he was even paying attention. Boy was I wrong. After all that kissing, kissing, and more kissing, Andrew must have seen Daddy lean over and give Mommy a little peck on the cheek and the little green monster of jealousy reared his head. It launched Andrew in high gear, quickly ascending on top of Mommy & Daddy attacking us with kisses. He learns quick (too quick) and wasn't happy with just a little peck on the cheek or even the lips. He wanted to go all out and KISS with all his might. Oh my gosh. We just got the biggest laugh, as Daddy had to literally pull my son off me. But he is strong and wouldn't take no for an answer. Even with me laughing hilariously and flailing like a monkey trying to get away. lol

Well, we got a good laugh and just "blew it off" UNTIL today when I picked Andrew up from school. They are studying Daniel & the Lions Den in his classroom and when the parents walk in at the bell, all the kids "surprise" us by giving a big "Roar" greeting. I was in a hurry to get Andrew to his speech group so I picked him up to try to rush out the door and to the car. He was still in his "lion-mode" and gave me a big kiss on the cheek with a "roar". It was cute, but then he must have remembered "The Bachelor" incident and decided now was the time to attack Mommy with "The Bachelor" kiss. He's holding my face with both hands and won't let up. Literally. I'm trying to turn my head and talk while being attacked with sticky fingers, lips, mouth, teeth, the works. (He has sensory issues and NOTHING is gentle, if you get the picture). So through nervous laughter and slurred speech ("Andrew, kiss me on the cheek!") I run out the door with the teachers
staring in disbelief. How embarrassing. No time for explanation. Just escape. lol

His classroom has one of those wonderful one-way mirrors so I can watch the interaction without him seeing me. It is comical and a little sad when his Momma has to pray against anxiety as I see him jabbering away to his teachers and them looking at him with the same confused look I give him when he comes out with some of the interesting things he says. He's sometimes more in his own little fantasy world of play than reality and boy does he have an imagination. I hope I'm not the only Mother of a little one that experiences these things! Please tell me I'm not.

I'm in a Women's Bible study by Beth Moore right now called "Breaking Free". It is amazing. I'm getting so many encouraging scriptures and meditations that I can hardly keep up. I've been writing little notes here and there that I want to share on this blog and am hoping for the time to sit down and write.

One thing that came to mind regarding this incident today is the scripture in Song of Solomon that says "Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth." It seems in today's world everything is so sexualized that purity is very hard to find, but what this scripture speaks of is having complete and open intimacy (open hearts) with our Heavenly Father. He is so Holy and Pure and His Love is not only unconditional but overwhelming. Kind of like the sweet kisses my son was lavishing upon me. Pure Love. He loves us so much.

So much that the Bible says He is jealous FOR us. For our hearts. He cares deeply when our broken hearts hold us back from trusting Him as the good Father He truly is.

Lord, let me come near to You with an open heart and receive the Love you have for me. I'm so thankful for the lessons you teach us through every day life. As my son says, "We have a situation here!" What a great situation to have!

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