September 5, 2009

Just in Time for Christmas!

Sale for children
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* Attention, Attention: important commercial break. Anyone in the market to purchase a human before Christmas? Note the price-list closely, please. White infants are premium product, and will cost you quite a bit more cash.

Hopefully you realize this post - except for the REAL "situations" found online - is a piece of sarcasm against a "system" that completely disgusts me and should anger every moral citizen. It should be illegal to sell humans, and seal their own birth certificates from them indefinately. But it isn't.

Notice that many of these "BM's" (yep - birthmothers ie. wombs for rent, heroic, selfless, gifters - until the papers are signed at least) are repeat suppliers and their "expenses" are considerably HIGH (paid by YOU, desperate,"Dear Birthmother" letter-writing, completely clueless women) - even to the tune of 40,000 bucks (not including legal, travel, and finalization "fees").

Yes, these "expenses" essentially BUY her child for your "own". The CHOSEN child. Not to mention profits made by supposedly "non-profit" agencies, facilitators (brokers) and attorneys, who perpetuate legal contracts transferring humans as if property.

We, the "chosen" get a life-time of sealed records and identity confusion, wondering WHY the selling of humans can still take place in our great nation, the supposed "Land of the free".

"Home of the brave"? Where's home?

...So hurry! Don't miss these Blue-Light Specials!

African American baby girl Due December 10th. Just in time for Christmas!!! Birthmother would love to find a two parent home, christian based Couple to place her child with. Birthmother is 29 and parents an 11 year old boy 8 year old girl 4 year old Girl and 2 year old Boy. Baby will be born in Alabama. She is requesting picutres and updates after placement. Birthmother has full prenatal care, All medicals as well as background and photos have been obtained. Birthfather is diffrent from other children and will sign, Birthmother has sickel cell traitm Birthfather does not. No substnace abuse or smoking. Fees are about $16,000.00not including travel. To be considered please email or send your profile to Unique Adoptions Inc. 951-600-2575
Adoption Facilitator
August 31, 2009
Birth Mother due December 14, 2009 with a Full Hispanic Baby gender unknown. Birth Mother would prefer a semi-open adoption with letters and pictures after the birth of the baby. Fees will be approximately $34,000.00 which includes everything except travel and finalization. Birth Mother will only place with a Alternative Female Couple. If interested and for more information please call our office at (760)356-5565.
I am an adoptive mom of 3 and our BM is pg. She has asked me to help her find and screen families - I am NOT a facilitator nor am I being paid for helping. She is Russian - due March 2010 - Gender unknown - full caucasian baby. Prenatal care from the beginning. No Drugs, alcohol, smoking. BM expenses are $35,000 excluding legal exp and travel. Our attorney is available if you want a referral. He has finalized 2 of our adopted children from this BM. Your choice. Birthfather rights will be terminated in the courts and is in full agreement with adoption plan. If you are interested, please call me ASAP at xxx-xxx-1960. Please leave a message if I don't answer - I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you
Adoption Facilitator
August 15, 2009
Code Name:SDBC Birth Mother due March 2010 with a 3/4 Native American 1/4 Caucasian baby gender unknown. Birth Mother denies all drug, alcohol and tobacco usage. Birth Mother has placed four times previously and is very committed to the adoption plan. Fees will be approximately $35,000.00 which includes everything except travel and finalization. For more information contact our office at (760)356-5565. Thank You
Adoption Facilitator
July 28, 2009
African American baby girl Due Sept 25th. Full prenatal care and all medical records. Sonogram on DVD with 3-D photos. No substance abuse or smoking. FEes are $15,300.00 total. If homestudy ready and want to be considered please email for consideration. Birthmother is letting agency select AP's with approved homestudy . Unique Adoptions Inc 888-637-8200-Office 951-712-7205-Cell
Adoption Facilitator
July 02, 2009
Birth Mother due January 2010 with a Full Caucasian Baby gender unknown. Birth Parents are married and the Birth Father is in agreement with the adoption plan. Birth Mother denies all drug and alcohol usage but does admit to smoking 1/2 a pack of cigarettes per day. This will be the Birth Parents third Adoption and they are very committed to the adoption plan. Fees will be approximately $40,000.00. For more information contact Adoption Insight at (760)356-5565.


Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

"Birth Mother has placed four times previously"

There are no words....

Anonymous said...

The one particular "situation" is from an adoption facilitator that bashes birth mothers if especially they do not place. She is also advertising in states as an "adoption agency" instead of a facilitator. She is supposed to be banned from Texas and Illinois as facilitators are against the law.

maybe said...

In the past adoption was the only way to procure a baby. But old-fashioned domestic adoption has been supplemented with international adoption, IVF, surrogacy, and egg/sperm donation, embryo donation - all of which reinforce the idea that babies are commodities and anyone who has a desire to be a parent has a right to a child.

Most of society has bought into this idea which makes repeat "birth mother-ing" seem fairly normal in the grand scheme of things. If it's okay to acquire babies through any means, then it most be okay to produce one (or more), right? Reproduction has morphed into a fully-functioning commodities market that operates according to the laws of supply and demand.

I find it interesting that the Catholic church has such a strong avesion to assisted repoduction, yet they were instrumental in the promotion of adoption as a means to create more Catholic families. If they had allowed single mothers to keep their babies and allowed married couples to live happily without children, perhaps we could have learned to accept whatever child-full or child-free situation came our way.

Now that there are so many aritifical means for enhancing fertility the church is left as one of the few critics of assisted reproduction. They still promote adoption of course, but can you really promote only adoption? Does the obession with creating the "right" kind of Catholic (or LDS, Christian, etc.) family ultimatley lead to more and more forms of assisted reproduction?

Looks like the law of unintended consequences at work on many levels.