August 10, 2009

Exactly the Point...

This "ad" for adoption points to the exact problem with adoption as it is practiced today in America.

A billion-dollar industry per year, of transferring human lives through "amended" birth certificates, proves that adoption is more in the best interests of adults rather than children, unfortunately. 

Adopted individual's role in life is NOT to fulfill the needs and desires of adults who want to be parents. 
 But just as this picture portrays, that is exactly what the adoption industry has been allowed to do ~ deceive society into believing that coercing vulnerable parents to give up their babies is actually "heroic."  So "more deserving" parents can have the opportunity to parent, "as if" the child was their own.  Adoptive parents are the customer. 

In adoption law, adoptee's birth certificates are "amended" (falsified) to state their new parents actually gave birth to them. It tries to create a new, untruthful, reality by legally severing a child's true identity and family connections. This requires the adoptee to deny their own truth, loss, and identity in order to receive care.  Whose best interest does that serve?   It creates a double-bind for adoptees and compounds trauma, instead of lessening it.  
Adoptees feel shame because everything about us has to be "amended" in order to be accepted in our society. 
If we dare want our true identities, or speak about the unethical aspects of adoption, we are labeled as "angry" and "bitter.  Our voices are further silenced and our grief disenfranchised.     

These practices force adopted persons into a role that isn't honest or congruent with truth.  Adoption law strips us of our God-given birth identity and traps us as "perpetual children" without our own genealogical, medical, or biological histories.

Until these laws are changed and ALL transfer of money (adoption "bonuses", "fees", and "expenses") is eliminated, adoption will continue to be wrought with unethical practices and conflict of interest issues. It is a business in legalized child-trafficking.  Australia has reformed their adoption practices and issued a national apology.  When will America wake up?

The only other time in American history where birth certificates were falsified and humans were transferred at the hands of contracts was during the period of slavery.

Isn't this a sad commentary (shedding light) on adoption practice today?  It is this under-world of adoption providing "forever families" for paying customers which led our court system and society to applaud the abusive "transfer" we watched Veronica Brown endure...and continue to endure. 


a Tonggu Momma said...

Powerful post today, Peach. Powerful.

Erin said...

Thank you so much for this post. So incredibly powerful, and a message that really needs to be heard. It's time we woke up.

Erin said...

Thank you so much for this post. So incredibly powerful, and a message that really needs to be heard. It's time we woke up.

Mama Bear said...

We were so lucky to be able to make a copy of our son's original birth certificate before it was amended. I still don't understand why this needs to happen... Thanks so much for sharing!

Baby Girl Lowe living life as Samantha Franklin said...

Thank you for your words. They mean so much. Bless you.

Joyful Journey Mom said...

That image is powerful and speaks volumes of the priorities of the industry currently. Thank you so much to sharing your point of view, it is something adoptive parents need to read.