August 19, 2009

Baby Buyers

Baby Buyer Heads Back to Court
By Melissa Langbehn

STEVENS POINT (WAOW) -- A Stevens Point man accused in a bizarre illegal adoption case heads back to court.
30 year old Jason Dolski is accused of illegally taking a child, falsifying adoption papers and a birth certificate.
Those felonies, plus a misdemeanor child neglect charge, carry penalties of nearly 25 years behind bars.
His wife, Bobbi Jo faces those accusations plus drug charges.
In May police were looking into illegal drug activity at the couples Stevens Point home when questions came up about how the Dolski's got 14 month old child.
Prosecutors say the couple couldn't afford a legal adoption so they hatched a plan to with the child's biological mother to take her baby.

*Why is it illegal for a "baby buyer" to falsify a birth certificate, but lawful for an adoption facilitor to order an "amended" (falsified) "Certificate of Live Birth" changing names to those who had no involvement with the child's birth or genetic history? Then forever "seal" their original (accurate, truthful) birth certificate in court? Isn't this JUST as unethical for the adopted individual and his/her decendents? Falsified government documents either way. An approach with integrity would be to issue a truthful "Certificate of Adoption" and not tamper or falsify a child's birth certificate in any way, nor "seal" it from his/her possession. When will America wake up to this injustice?

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