January 12, 2009

A Beautiful Reunion...

Local Woman Reunites With Birth Mother
Jan 9, 2009 11:20 pm US/Eastern

There's a video on the website; very emotional reunion!

It was a moment they never imagined would happen, but after more than
four decades and many miles, a local woman and the mother who put her
up for adoption were reunited in our area.

The last time Irene Malloy set eyes on her daughter was January of
1963. After giving birth to Angela in a home for unwed mothers, she
held her and gave her up to adoptive parents in Trenton, New Jersey.

Today she had her arms around her first child once again.

"I never felt closer to God in all my life - it's just unbelievable -
it's still, it's still unbelievable, " Irene says.

"It felt like I was missing something all my life - and I feel that my
life is complete," Angela Murray says.

Irene grew up in Camden, NJ. At 16, she fell in love with her high
school sweetheart and got pregnant. But her grandmother and
grandfather who was a minister decided that her baby would be adopted.

"I just needed to pray for her safety and pray that if it's God's will
we'll meet again," Irene said.

Angela was 14 when she learned she was adopted. Her adoptive parents
have both died. She loved them a lot. She's now married and has two
children of her own. But connecting with her birth mom is the answer
to many prayers.

"And I wanted to tell her that, you know, that I forgave her - there
was no anger in my heart," Angela said.

The connection was made through the website AdoptionRegistry. com. On
New Year's Eve the call came. Irene's daughter Livette answered. It
was her big sister.

"It dawned on me that it was true and so many years of searching,"
Livette said.

Over the past week, Irene crocheted a blanket for Angela because she'd
done that for all her babies.

Years ago, Irene's other three children gave her a necklace with all
of their birthstones. They included one for Angela too.

"Our lives have been forever changed - it's just a miracle," Irene said.

What makes this whole story even more remarkable is that today is
Angela's birthday and you can bet meeting her birth mother is her
favorite gift this year.


Irene Malloy said...

I am Irene Malloy, mother of Angela. Two years later, our reunion has been so wonderful, I visit with Angela at least once a month in New York or she comes here to Pittsburgh. We have traveled to New Jersey and met her deceased fathers family. Angela met her cousins, her aunts and most importantly her brother and sister on her dad side of her family. Many many beautiful miracle moments have happened over the past two years. I spent my first Christmas with Angela and her family. Being with Angela and her family is a miracle and I can feel 48 years worth of love from them when I am in their presence. My life and my heart have changed, there is a peace in knowing that ALL things are possible if you only believe. I am forever thankful!

*Peach* said...

So very happy for you and Angela! Bless you!!! : )

Angela said...

This is Angela, Irene's daughter. This is a wonderful site, and I am very happy that it exisit. It is a vehicle to spread Hope, Love, and Encouragement. All these wonderful stories, including ours, are Positive Proof that "All Things are Possible" and Miracles do Happen!!!!!!! I am still overwhelmed, "Blessed" and so Grateful to God. My life is full of Love and being able to reunite with my mother Irene, is better than anything I have ever imagined. Peace and Blessings to all.....