December 24, 2008

What Ever It Takes

This is Kayleigh's beautiful Mommy smiling through the pain as she waits with unspeakable yearning to HOLD her newborn daughter.

As I sit here with tears in my eyes remembering how stressful it was in the NICU just to HOLD my son, one thought keeps repeating itself over and over

~ "Whatever it takes" ~

Premature babies show a dramatic improvement in vital signs and long-term outcomes when they experience close contact with their mother's skin.

That is what society is slowly learning regarding the importance of the Mother/Child bond on the life-long health and development of humans.

I've heard it said that "experience is the one thing that simply cannot be denied". Thank God I witnessed a true miracle in the birth of my son. Nothing can convince me otherwise that miracles still exist. And as an adult adoptee, as well as the mother of a former micro-preemie ~ nothing can convince me otherwise that the importance of the Mother/Child bond is paramount.

When will the adoption world acknowledge the proven research done by John Bowlby and others? If the money, time, and energy spent in the adoption industry's "recruitment" of mother/child separation could be rightfully transferred to honor and support EVERY woman's motherhood and the right of every child to be nurtured in their mother's care, the very health of our society would experience a dramatic turn-around.

To read more of Kayleigh's incredible story and join me in praying for her continuing healing, please visit:

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