October 18, 2008

"Love Our Way"

A mother's heart-felt journey
Gretel Hunnerup

October 2, 2008

IMAGINE you received news that two of your children, adopted and lovingly-raised for eight years, had not been willingly relinquished by their birth mother but stolen from her while she slept.

This shocking, true discovery was made by Canberra mother of eight, Julia Rollings.

She could have swept it under the carpet; after all, Akil and Sabila had no clear memories of the event and were now happily enmeshed in their Australian family, with strong community ties.

Love our way by Julia Rollings, Harper Collins, rrp $32.99

Instead, she embarked on a courageous mission to reunite her son and daughter with their lost mother, Sunama.

In Love Our Way, Rollings recounts the journey she made with Akil and Sabila to Sunama's home in impoverished Chennai, and the incredibly poignant experiences that followed.

This is a story of honesty, family and the capacity of love, but Rollings also tells it in the hope that it may highlight the human toll of child trafficking.

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