October 18, 2008

Elvis' Sis?

ELVIS PRESLEY's estate has been hit with a new bombshell - a 46-year-old Texan woman insists she's the late rocker's sister.
Eliza Alice Presley claims to have the DNA tests that prove she's Vernon Presley's secret lovechild.
Presley states she was raised by a Texan couple after her birth mother, Florence Juanita Sharp, gave her up for adoption.
The divorced mother-of-four claims Elvis' father Vernon is her father.
Her representative, Donald Yates, reveals DNA tests carried out in Arizona match the genetic make-up of Elvis' cousin Donna.
He tells America's Globe, "I'm 99.99 per cent sure that Eliza Presley and Elvis Aaron Presley are half siblings."
As well as the scientific proof, Yates reveals his client has "sworn testimony from family members... relating to who her biological father is."
Eliza Alice Presley has filed papers in Memphis, Tennessee, claiming she's entitled to be "recognised as his daughter and allowed to inherit her statutory share of his estate".


Anonymous said...

I do not believe that this woman is a Presley, but a Gold digger who thinks she and the DNA "so called" expert can say Elvis is Alive and gave her this Dna sample on an envelope that Vernon licked.

Anyone with half a brain could figure this one out. Poor little miss Alice tiffin was adopted and she has the right to be a Presley, even with NO PROOF with dna evidnce. They SAID in court that they HAD PROOF, however, they did not produce any.

Since she hates so much being adopted, perhaps her mother should have had an abortion...as in "Kill this baby, don't let anyone else have her to love and raise"! How many children never get to have a life because they were aborted. Some women have no other choice than to let someone else give the child a home and a good life.

Anonymous said...

It has been proven that Alice Elizabeth Tiffin McFarland submitted false DNA evidence to Chancery court in Memphis. She is a convicted felon many times over.

Her criminal history spans 17 years between Texas and Washington State. The charges were for forgery and many other ways of stealing. She spent time in the Huntsville, Texas prison. Huntsville is where the state of Texas carries out their executions. A person does not end up
there unless there are serious charges.

Her criminal records are still online for both states and can be ordered for just a few dollars.
Search for Alice Elizabeth Tiffin McFarland.

Jan. 12, 2016