July 23, 2008

This Says it All...

My First Mother passed away at the age of 32 from breast cancer, while searching for me...she needed to give me important medical information. Not only for myself, but for all my decendents. No state "match" registry would have worked (even though she did register before she passed away) because she was told she had given birth to a son instead of a daughter. I have an adoptee friend who found her First Mother to find out the same thing ~ her Mother had been searching for a son all these years. Not only that, she also found out that her amended birth certificate listed her birthdate as 3 days later than her TRUE date of birth. She was born on April 1st, but because her adoptive Mother did not want her birthday on April Fool's Day she just conveniently CHANGED the factual information of her birth. Amended birth certificates are just THAT ~ UNFACTUAL. They state that our adoptive parents actually gave birth to us ~ a certificate of "Live Birth" that is not true. Adoption is adoption ~ birth is birth ~ but the government continues to CHANGE (amend) birth certificates every day for adoptees, and SEAL our original information from us for life. Only 6 states have passed legislation to UNSEAL our birth certificates and give us the same RIGHT as every other American citizen ~ to OWN our identity, birth history, genealogy, medical history and dignity.

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