July 26, 2008

300 Babies Frauded

Chinese children
© Photographer: Liunian | Agency: Dreamstime.com

300 infants illegally put up for adoption

NAM DINH -- Around 300 under five-year-olds have allegedly been falsely
put up for adoption abroad in the northern province of Nam Dinh since
2006, provincial police reported.

The heads of two communal healthcare centres were arrested last month
under suspicion of forging State adoption documents and of making up
bogus histories for the infants, said Nam Dinh Investigative Police

Tran Ngoc Lam, who lives in Nam Dinh City, allegedly picked up
abandoned children in the province and took them to healthcare centres
in Yen Tien and Yen Luong communes. The centres' directors, Vu Dinh
Loi and Truong Cong Lich, allegedly forged fake birth certificates for
the children so they could be put up for adoption.

The children were then sent to centres for disabled children in Y Yen
and Truc Ninh districts.

It is believed Y Yen's Centre for Disabled Children, which was
established two years ago and which has a seasonal nursing staff of
just four, had, by June 21, sold 100 infants to foreign child adoption

Meanwhile, Truc Ninh's Social Protection Centre, which was established
in early 2005, has allegedly put 221 infants illegally up for foreign

According to Nam Dinh's Department for Labour, Invalids and Social
Affairs, inspectors found five heavily pregnant women staying at the
centre when it was raided.

The investigation was launched following an anonymous letter that
claimed the centres were engaged in child trafficking. There had also
been rumours circulating among local residents that the centres were
selling babies abroad.

The Department's Child Care and Protection Division reported that they
had found 11 infants, aged two to five months, at the Y Yen centre.
They are now been taken care of at the provincial Social Protection

Nam Dinh Investigation Police Department was also looking into the
case, said department director Nguyen Ngoc Kha. -- VNS


Eve said...

So these characters went from taking abandoned children and finding adoptive families for them, to flat-out stealing babies and young children for sale on the foreign adoption market.

I think anyone who doubts our American history of coercive infant adoption practices might do well to read this sort of news coming out of several countries in the past quarter, and see that as soon as one source all but dries up, the child brokers are on to the next source. Whatever source will give them the supply so that people who are desperate for children can get them.

One of these days, the U.S. is going to be banned from adoption in most places in the world. Mark my words; I really do think so. What is it about our nation in particular that makes us think we're entitled to have whatever we want, at anyone's expense?

maybe said...

Eve said: "What is it about our nation in particular that makes us think we're entitled to have whatever we want, at anyone's expense?"

In regards to adoption, this entitlement is fostered by the constant pro-adoption rhetoric....as I am typing this John McCain is on the tube talking about the wonders of adoption. That is the only view that is allowed to be discussed, all others are "extremist, anti-adoption."

I think another major factor is the refusal to talk openly and honestly about infertility. A married couple is just NOT ALLOWED to be childless in this country...therfore, they will go to extremes to acquire a child without addressing their infertility.

And we need to be honest about a major cause of infertility, which is waiting too long. The fact is, mother nature makes it easy for a young woman to get pregnant - and she's not concerned about that woman having a Hummer, a college degree, or a McMansion. Mother nature has a bias AGAINST pregnancy at older ages. Yes, she's an ageist.

Until we accept the fundamental laws of nature, this problem will continue.