April 12, 2008

"Living Apart"

© Photographer: Cynthi | Agency: Dreamstime.com
"Living Apart"
by ThankfulPeach

They say I'll be happy
They say I'll grow...
Give me up if you love me...
"Let me go"

But what can we do
When we find they're wrong?
My hurting soul
Must write this song

That part that grieves
The numbing loss....
WAKE UP and feel -
Don't stay "a rock"

It hurts to lose
My first mother....
I won't pretend -
Though I had another

And so I search -
Looking for you...
As part of me left
The day I knew...

I wasn't going home
With my first mother

Now looking in the mirror
So many years past....I see you in me
And find myself....
At last.

by Peach

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