March 27, 2008

McDonald's Rocks!

French fries
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You can see the new McDonald's ad that uses adoption as the punch line
on YouTube: . (or just click on the title "McDonald's Rocks!" above). If you want to speak up, the contact info is

CEO: Andrew McKenna

COO & President: Mike Roberts

Corporate address: McDonald's Corporation
2111 McDonald's Drive
Oak Brook, Illinois 60532

I know I sometimes have a strange opinion about things like this, but here goes.

I personally am not offended by this ad at all. In fact, I would like to applaud McDonald's for being REAL and not trying to mask the reality of what it is like being adopted. You just can't be "politically correct" with a situation that in reality, brings issues and loss to the experience. Adopted kids DON'T look like the other members of their "family", so why try to deny or ignore that fact and ask society to be "politically correct" and further disenfranchise the adopted child's grief even further, by reinforcing the denial of differences and loss? That is exactly what the "positive" adoption language does. It disenfranchises the adopted person's experience altogether and then the child is forced to "stuff" their REALITY because it is uncomfortable for their new parents and society, who is trying to live "as if" that child was born to them, when it just isn't so.

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Anonymous said...

My kids don't look like me; yes, all of them are adopted. Please don't flame me: We have open adoptions. They have access to their birthmoms whenever they want (right now, we talk on the phone a few times a month and email often). There is nothing hidden about their records or their histories. Their birthmoms had their own reasons for placing them for adoption and if my boys have questions, they can just call.