March 10, 2008

To My Brother

I don't want anything from you
Just your acceptance & grace
For you to want me for who I am ~
Your blood sister in the human race.

I grew up without you, and lonely
No siblings to call my own
Yet we lived in the very same city
and knew not of each other's homes

We seem so much alike, it's uncanny
Look & act the same too!
Such similar tastes and disposition
I wish you wanted to know me, as I'd love to know you.

I guess when you grow up in your birth family
And haven't walked in other shoes
You can't understand the deep need inside
To just "be" yourself in the family line.

Yet, I'm so thankful I've met you
And have at least looked on your face
To finally see myself in others
Brings healing, identity & grace.

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