February 7, 2008

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Ark. court: Lawsuit against dr. who revealed adoption can proceed

Wednesday, February 6, 2008 4:45 PM CST

LITTLE ROCK - A Fort Smith woman's lawsuit against a doctor she
accused of releasing her personal and medical information to the
couple who adopted her daughter can move forward, the Arkansas Court
of Appeals ruled Wednesday.

Angela Floyd said the couple used the information to contact her and
threaten to reveal the adoption that she tried to keep secret unless
she told her daughter she didn't want a relationship with her.

The appeals court reversed a Sebastian County circuit judge's
dismissal of Floyd's lawsuit against Dr. Samuel Koenig III, rejecting
the judge's decision that the lawsuit was filed too late.

Floyd said Koenig was her doctor when she became pregnant with her
second child in 1987 and during a prenatal visit suggested she
consider giving the child up for adoption. Koenig said he knew a
family who would like to adopt the child, and she agreed to the

She moved from Fort Smith to Tulsa, Okla., to keep her prenancy a
secret and agreed to the adoption in 1988. She moved back to Fort
Smith and got married in 2003, but neither her husband or her first-
born child knew she had given up the daughter for adoption.

In 2006, the woman said she was contacted by Greg Whitsett, the
adoptive father, and learned that in 1997 Koenig had released her
medical records, family history, address, Social Security number and
other identifying information.

Whitsett told the biological mother to tell her daughter she didn't
want a relationship with her and threatened to reveal the adoption to
her husband and son. Afterward, she told her husband and son about the

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