November 4, 2007

"Adoption has ouched my Heart"

Broken heart
© Photographer: Metoo | Agency:
Ok, so I was driving my baby in the car today trying to get him to go to sleep, listening to his favorite "naptime" CD, "Awake" by Josh Groban (great music, by the way) ~ when I happened to stop at a 4-way stop sign behind a mini-van.

Lo, and behold, my eyes lit upon a profound bumper-sticker, indeed! It said "Adoption has ouched my heart" ~ literally! lol

It had a beautiful picture of a frilly heart ~ and somehow the "t" was COMPLETELY missing from the word that I assume was orginally "touched" ~ making it "OUCHED" instead ~ WOW ~ how interesting.

The license plate was personalized also, saying something about "TheKids" ~ probably referring to the children in this family mini-van, who may very well be adopted.

Wonder if one of them performed a little bit of a "freudian slip surgery" to the bumper sticker subconciously?????

Adoption, INDEED, touches hearts ~ no doubt about that. But it also "ouches" hearts and every adoptee needs that respect and acknowledgement in healing.


Lauren said...

Neat. Maybe I'll buy one of those and scratch off the "t" on purpose. I kind of like that.

Gershom said...

that is SOOO FUNNY!!! Classic!!! Thanks for sharing.