July 8, 2011

The Emperor's "New" Clothes

2 Headed Monster
© Photographer: Misterm | Agency: Dreamstime.com

"Amended" birth certificates in adoption are interesting. It's about as natural to have 2 birth certificates as it is to have 2 heads. Yet that is what adoptees are forced to live with. And most never know.

Amended birth certificates are a lie - stating that a woman actually gave birth to a child that she really didn't. And WHY is this done? To make it easier on the adoptive family and the adopted child to ADJUST to their new "reality"? But it is a falsified document.

Society is playing a game of "The Emporer With New Clothes".

I love the way T.D. Jakes preaches about destiny and defines the word "abuse" ~ "using something or someone for something OTHER than it's intended purpose." As an adult adoptee, this speaks to me of the way adoption is run. It is using children for something OTHER than their intended purpose ~ as a commodity, falsifying and sealing their identities.

Even for children who for some reason have to grow up without their Mother & Father, it would be more REAL and RESPECTFUL to them to allow them to grieve their tremendous loss, and acknowledge the truth.  Why change their very identities and strip them of the knowledge of their origins?  Could that give them the impression they are not worthy of care unless "amended"? 

The Emporer is buck naked, people.

(I realize that sometimes what I write is HARSH ~ It doesn't mean that I don't LOVE my adoptive family VERY much. Just a few years ago, I could have never written this.

I was too confused trying to unravel "being adopted" ~ afraid of making people angry. Yet I felt completely helpless to understand why I felt ingenuine, fakey, & depressed. I now know I was stuffing my feelings in order to exist and survive as an adopted person. But it was the TRUTH of allowing those feelings to surface (and continue to surface) and be exposed to the Light, instead of hiding in darkness, that allowed me to grieve ~ and become real.)


Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

It does feel good, to be able to write the truth without being afraid. It took me over 20 years to be able to share my thoughts the way I do now. But you know what, even now, sometimes, I still get afraid of being honest. How sad is that?

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